“Dmytruk” company changes its “image”: with a new brand on the European market.

On September 25, “Dmytruk” company stops production and sale of meat and sausage products, but since November company’s production will appear on the shelves of stores with a qualitatively new assortment and in a new "image".

"For the last four years, “Dmytruk” trademark existed by releasing a certain amount of meat and sausage products. However, this trademark ceases to exist on September 25, 2017. We stop shipping products for all customers. This is due to the fact that instead of “Dmytruk” trademark there is going to be food industry company "Dmytruk", which, besides meat and sausage products, will make other product solutions ", said the Head of Marketing Department, Taras Skorupskyi.

The new assortment, which, incidentally, the company will present in late October, will be reviewed not only by residents of Volyn region, but also by residents of other regions of Ukraine, and later by European consumers. In such a way the updated assortment line resulted in a new company logo. 

“Needs of consumers are changing; after all, the food industry is changing itself... We monitor product categories, consumer behavior, and realize that in two to three years the market will change. Therefore, in order to bring the company to a new level, to satisfy our ambitions in this regard, we decided to make changes in the assortment, which resulted in a series of visual changes. We changed our logo: from Oleg Dmytruk’s trademark a new company was formed, so the idea of ​​our new logo is to transform the letter "D" into the image of a new team - a little funny, playful, sometimes on high ropes, self-confident, but always professional.

“Everything is focused on building a relationship with the consumer, so the main element of our rebranding is our image. During such changes, a Customer Service and Experience Department was created, the main task of which is to rebuild communication with partners and consumers ”, as mentioned in the “Dmytruk” company.

This company still keeps secret what will appear in the assortment, however, as assured by the Marketing Department, besides, usual for everyone, sausages, “Dmytruk” company will strike with something qualitatively new and unusual for the Ukrainian market. "We want not only to make sausages and sell them, but also to implement ambitious, non-typical for the market projects, within reasonable limits to bend the rules, to unite people and to create new emotions for them... We remain in the field of daily use products, “Dmytruk” company will continue to prepare food solutions for the food industry, including meat and sausage products. Probably, there will be products that are not yet on the market ", said Taras Skorupskyi, Head of Marketing Department.