As Heat of Saint Nikolay passed in Lutsk

How to become a little St. Nicholas and an athlete, how to do a good deed and plunge into the atmosphere of this holiday, these people are well aware, as today in our town was a Сharity run of the St. Nicholas.

Dmytruk company, entertaining center PortCity and Luheusk Sport Club organized a charity race. Each rally participant issued a special sticker with the number and red holidays caps. Some participants came to the run in the costumes of fairy-tale characters. Adults crossed the distance of 7 and 2 kilometers, the route ran from PortCity to Registry Office. The children ran a distance of 100 meters (6 years), 200 meters (7-9 years), 500 meters (10-12 years). Also, the children of the Heroes of Heavenly Hundreds and ATO participants took part separately in the race. Altogether, 600 people took part in the festive ride.

This is a sport holiday that aims is to promote a healthy lifestyle and to create a New Year's Eve feast with lots of fun and gifts. And it succeeded. Representatives of the company Dmytruk noted that the idea of ​​holding such sports and charitable events annually has become a good tradition for Lutsk. Since the purpose of such events is, first and foremost, the social component, they bring warmth in the heart, help everyone to join the good cause and spend time, the company will continue to support such initiatives.

Oksana Okseniuk became the winner in a 7-kilometer race among women, and Mykola Yukhimchuk among the men. Among children on the distance of 300 meters defeated Nazar Demkov, at a distance of 500 meters - Gnatyuk Alexander and Daryna Buchman. All winners received cash prizes and gifts from sponsors. Also, a win-win lottery was played among all participants, in which they had the opportunity to win an iron, multivark, blender, mixer, kettle and others like that. All funds raised will be handed over to the training and rehabilitation center (former school №8), where children with special needs are studying.